Utah Fly Tying

Tying Flies a whole nother world of Fly Fishing. There is nothing more rewarding than catching a fish on a fly that you have tied yourself to fool that Big Brown. Here are some tips and information to help you get started or improve your tying skills.

Utah Fly Tying

Getting Started: Fly Tying Basics

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Flies For Utah: Utah Top Flies

Utah Hatch Charts: Utah Hatches

Wasatch Fly Tying Expo- Is a great way to learn from Utah’s best fly tyers and fishers. Its a great place to learn and see some new cutting edge flies and techinques. This years show runs April 6-7 at the Southtown Expo Center in Sandy, UT.

Utah Fly Patterns: Utah Fly Patterns Scott Dickeys Great Site for Utah’s Flies!!!

How To Information:

Q- How do I get started in fly tying?

A- The best way to start is to ask someone who knows fly tying to show you. If you don’t have that option, than go to a local fly shop and they can help you get started, tell you about classes or help you with basic material you need. If you are a DIY kind of person the the internet is full of great resources that can teach you everything you need to know and show you how to do it. Really just get a vice and give it a try.

Q- How can I watch a tutrial on how to tie certain flies?

A- Lots of tyers have posted online fly tutorials. Either Google the fly you want to try or go on YouTube and most flies have a step by step video. Its the best way to find how to tie a fly.

Q- Are there Fly Tying Classes in UT?

A- YES! Almost every local shop has a fly tying class they teach at certain times a year.

Q- How Hard is Fly Tying to Learn?

A- Just like casting or any other aspect of fly fishing. Fly Tying takes practice and time to master. But don’t give up or not try it cause you think it is to hard. It really just takes some pratice. Trust me you will be sure glad you stuck with it.


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